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Legacy Studios is a collective endeavor committed to the profound task of chronicling the raw, unfiltered experiences of our veterans through the lens of extreme adventure. Under the guidance of Dan Myrick, Kristian Krempel, and Mike Sarraille, our mission transcends the act of filmmaking—we aim to craft evocative documentaries that preserve and honor the narratives of both active-duty soldiers and those who have fallen.

Our Mission

Our vision is to meld the rush of high-octane adventures with the intimate, often untold stories of sacrifice and heroism, creating a narrative that fosters a deep connection with the essence of valor and the human spirit. This initiative is more than a production; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the courage and dedication of those who have worn the uniform, a platform to ensure their legacies are enshrined for future generations.

In theatres May 2024

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May 11: New York City, NY
May 13: Tampa, FL
May 14: Austin, TX
May 15: Dallas, TX
May 16: Los Angeles, CA


They said it couldn’t be done.

Follow the team of former special operators who took on the impossible and proved the world wrong – 7 continents, 7 skydives, 7 days.



 They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

In Theatres May 2024

Drop Zone Everest

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