As dawn hits, the group understands this is the culmination jump, the last jump, for most of us—a bittersweet feeling. While the flight is scenic, Dakota and I focus on our respective mental checklists, preparing to execute a successful jump. The canopy opens and I turn towards Everest, knowing this will be my last jump. After 15 seconds of soaking in the view of Everest, feeling humble and fortunate for the opportunity, I turn and head toward the holding area. At about 15 meters from the DZ marker, I misjudge the depth of snow. My feet catch, causing me to faceplant. Despite the rough landing, the snow was soft, and I stand up laughing. Dakota and I return to Ama Dablam and help the remaining jump loads prepare. As Fred Williams returns from his jump, he realizes there’s only one jumper on the last load and offers a second jump to whoever will take it. I quickly raise my hand and he says, ‘Get it on.’ The second jump is icing on the cake, beyond how I imagined ending the day.